Solving Problems & Creating Opportunities During Covid-19

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Pandemics disrupt business operations and plans - yet quickly usher in new methodologies and technologies - as managers and investors adapt to changing conditions and opportunities.

Dezan Shira & Associates have advised clients through past crisis periods including the Asian Financial Crisis, SARS, and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and now COVID-19.

Our clients look for our guidance to navigate new regulatory, financial and trade conditions, as well as corporate travel limitations across Asia. We deliver solutions and alternatives to ensure their companies' operations and sustainability, supply chain continuity, compliance and reporting, secure remote workplaces, and optimized operations through corporate services and digital technologies.

We provide protective solutions, take care of business stresses, and pave the way forward.

Build Your Presence in Asia

Global Staffing Solutions

Establishing a corporation may not be your only path to gaining a presence overseas. Whether you may be seeking to test a market, run a project, or simply to find a quicker way to get to market, Global Staffing Solutions (GSS) may be the ideal solution.

GSS can help a company to hire full-time employees in Asian countries without setting up a local company, yet remain compliant with local laws. This can reduce important time and avoid premature investment, that help lead to better long term outcomes.

Supply Chain Engineering

To establish a cost-effective and diverse supply chain in Asia, it is vital to understand the sourcing and manufacturing environments, the options available, and to then meet potential new partners.

With almost three decades of on-the-ground in Asia experience, our Business Intelligence team can assist you to identify and implement a supply chain strategy, that is based on the researching of best options, to help you ensure the success of your plans in Asia.

Location Analysis and Site Selection

Our Business Intelligence professionals put our deep understanding of market entry across Asia to work via our in-depth research and analysis, which they produce to empower clients with better informed decisions on where and how to invest.

This research also extends to implementation, via the strong connections with local suppliers, distributors, and industrial zones that we maintain and offer as a component of partner matching services, and downstream relationship support services.

Digital Expense Management in China

Reduce the time and cost of administering expense claims and reimbursements in China by going digital.

Managing employees’ expenses digitally in China is a powerful way to optimize and speed up business administration, simplify remote submissions and approvals, as well as minimize expense and approval errors. It is also a key way to improve internal controls and is very affordable to implement.

Virtual CFO and Interim Administration Services

Virtual or Interim CFO's act as your team's on-the-ground resource to help achieve your financial objectives, fill a short-term gap, or deliver specific financial projects.

Your vCFO provides a tailored suite of services to help guide and oversee matters such as day-to-day operations, budgeting, tax and cash flow management, and more.

Interim vCFO's are also backed by our teams of CPAs, tax, accounting and law professionals, and other experts - all at a fraction of the cost of onboarding an internal resource.

Virtual CIO and Project Support Services

A Virtual CIO or professional IT consultant can help steer your local technology strategy, act as a temporary stopgap, or deliver specific technology projects for your company.

Virtual CIO's work closely with your local and global teams to achieve information and technology objectives using their range of expertise in business advisory, cloud and transformation, security, data privacy, information systems, infrastructure and integration.

Your vCIO is backed by range of experts, in the areas of law, HR, accounting, tax, and other disciplines to ensure that clients receive practical cross-disciplinary corporate services to meet their changing needs.

Businesses must navigate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic effectively to overcome challenges and continue to build a sustainable model of growth for the future. Our services and experts can assist with:

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