Zolzaya Erdenebileg Discusses Location Selection and Development Zones in China

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On June 22nd, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Assistant Manager of Business Intelligence, Zolzaya Erdenebileg, spoke at a panel discussion hosted by Bencham, CCI France Chine, EU Sino and Enrich, on the topic of location selection and development zones in China.

What are the key points to consider when evaluating development zones?

During the panel, Zolzaya shared key criteria for evaluating how development zones can fit the business needs of foreign investors, including

  • Size, location and infrastructure
  • Cost of rent
  • Availability of talent
  • Services offered, presence of suppliers and availability of service providers

However, larger or more established zones are not always better. If the zones are seeking to attract larger state-owned companies or multinational firms, the smaller firms may not receive the same incentives of larger corporations. Additionally, knowing the motivation and development plan of the zones is crucial. Some development zones may change the industry clusters they will focus on due to changes in domestic economy or shifts in policy priorities.

Towards the end of the panel, final comments from Zolzaya explain:

“As China enters its next stage of development, companies in the market are having to adapt to a new set of market and regulatory realities. Development zones can be an effective partner for foreign companies, and events like this help to shed greater light on what they are and how we can work with these zones.”

Further Information

To learn more about location selection and relocation in China, please watch the ‘Relocation in China: Site selection’ video from our Asiapedia resource library. You can also refer to our China Briefing Magazine: ‘China’s Investment Landscape: Finding New Opportunities’.

For further advice and inquiries about location selection in China, please contact Zolzaya Erdenebileg here.