Vivian Mao Answers Frequently Asked HR Questions at Shanghai Entrepreneur Fair

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On June 28th, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Regional Manager,  Vivian Mao, together with International Business Advisory Manager, Kristine Horbach, and Audit Manager, Ivy Gu, attended the Entrepreneur Fair hosted by Amcham Shanghai. During the Fair, Vivian presented on the most frequently asked HR questions raised by foreign entrepreneurs in China. Following the presentation, Vivian joined Kristine and Ivy at the company booth to answer practical questions raised by entrepreneurs on site.

What were the HR questions raised in Vivian’s presentation?

In the presentation, Vivian covered a wide range of HR questions across every stage of a foreign company’s incorporation in China. The first question raised examined differences in labor relationships between different investment vehicles available to entrepreneurs. Vivian went on to explain how to appoint legal representatives and how to use chops correctly for daily operations in China. Hiring methods in China and the labor costs and liabilities behind them were also raised, before a final review of why HR audits are important for foreign entrepreneurs and what can be done to prevent fraud in China.

Vivian Mao Answers Frequently Asked HR Questions

Vivian Mao presents at Shanghai Entrepreneur Fair

During the mini-exhibition session, fair attendees came to Dezan Shira & Associates’ booth and talked to Vivian, Kristine, and Ivy about their business models, asking questions regarding their legal, HR and audit challenges they’ve met in their business operations. Our knowledgeable experts were able to answer these questions based on practical knowledge and real-life examples.

Frequently Asked HR Questions at Shanghai Entrepreneur Fair

Vivian Mao answers practical questions raised by entrepreneurs on site

Further Information

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