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Protect Your Intellectual Property in ASEAN and China - Key Legal Considerations by Country




The potential loss of intellectual property (IP) is a common risk and challenge for companies when planning to enter or operate in a new international market, especially in Asia where the stages of development and implementation of IP laws vary significantly. It is vital that foreign companies understand the major differences in the IP regime among the region, the key characteristics of the IP system of their target countries, and how to protect their IP. 

In this webinar, Riccardo and Marcos discussed key characteristics of the IP legal framework across Southeast Asia and China. They also shared guidance on how investors can better protect their brands and IP when doing business in these growing and developing economies.

Key topics

  • Analysis of the different forms of IP including trademarks, copyrights, patents, design and utility models;
  • First-To-File vs. First-To-Use vs. First-To-Invent and Opposition: A focus on China and Southeast Asia;
  • IP legal framework in China and Southeast Asia; and
  • IP in Asia for tech entrepreneurs and online brand protection: How to protect your business.

For a copy of the presentation, please click the download button.

We hope you find the webinar helpful. Should you have any further concerns or questions when applying the solutions brought up in the webinar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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