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Middle East: Israel

Israeli medical company seeks market expansion.

The Israeli company holds 24 patents with new and innovative medical devices. The company has been approved by FDA and CE. The company develops and targets minimally invasive cryoablation therapy for women's health and interventional oncology (kidney cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, bone cancer, and prostate cancer). The system provides outpatient definitive treatment for breast tumors and ablation of other cancerous tumors in the body. Clinical trials have been completed in Europe, America, and Japan. In Europe, Latin America, Asia, and other markets, initial sales are around USD 500 million. The company also targets breast cancer markets. The goal of the company is to seek investment for market expansion.
Middle East: Israel

Isreali cancer treatment company seeks investment

The Israeli cancer treatment company is developing a new biological / drug platform (NADAV technology) - a proprietary strain based on oncolytic virus NDV, which can target a variety of cancers. A series of in vivo, in vitro and clinical studies on NDV strains, show that NDV strains retain the potential selective and targeted cell death (apoptosis) mechanism of human cancer cells. Another virus named Mucus virus can preferentially replicate and kill cancer cells. For the virus to have oncolytic effect, it must be safe for human beings, only kill cancer cells while retaining normal cells, and genetic stability. The company seeks investment.
Middle East: Israel

Israeli R&D medical equipmet company seeks strategic partners and investment.

The Israeli R&D medical equipment company has developed a unique lockable fixation technology for soft tissue repair, which fixed implants will not be displaced by existing nails. The project which has been successfully launched is the first and only fixation solution like suture. The permanent version has been put on the market, and the absorbable products will be available soon. While commercializing, the team is also studying suture-based fixation solutions through the patents it has. Robotic surgery is the current trend, and these solutions can support robotic suture such as cardiovascular surgery. The company's financial return is very high: it has complete manufacturing capacity and has been successfully started, and its current revenue has exceeded USD 550,000. The company's goal is to obtain FDA approval for suture-based products and interact with strategic partners.
Asia: Israel

Israeli medical company seeks investment.

The Israeli medical company has developed a surface cryotherapy equipment and system, which can be inserted into the bladder through a cystoscope (endoscope) to visualize the interior of the bladder. Surface cryotherapy is a potential paradigm shift in the treatment of superficial bladder cancer. The reaction of the tissue to the frozen spray can be seen in real-time so that the therapist can assess the destruction of the tissue in real-time and has excellent visualization in all operative stages. The project adopted a new method for treating superficial bladder cancer. It uses surface cryotherapy, which uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy abnormal tissues. Its minimally invasive solution for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) provides outpatient treatment options for surgery. The company announced that their cryoablation for bladder cancer has made a successful preclinical trial. The company seeks investment for next coming steps.
Asia: Israel

Israeli geriatric care company seeks investment.

The Israeli geriatric care company is developing products aimed at aging. The product is a patented device for making the pill into a delicious gel, which is a movable container with gel inside. The device requires a small disposable glass in which the pill is crushed, and the patient takes the gel. This process only takes 14 seconds. The device will allow patients, especially those with swallowing problems, to receive the pills in a safe and tasty way. The device will be suitable for medical facilities, as well as private customers who care for the elderly at home. The company plans to use this phase of funding to build prototypes of the device and glass, and then build a working model that could be used to mass-produce drug tests. At the same time, the firm will prove the safety of the gel, pursue the patented development on glass. The project has POCs in gel safety, device patents, business plans, and regulatory strategies. The product is scheduled for launch after FDA approval in 2021.
Asia: Israel

Israeli medical AI imaging company seeks $1.7 million investment.

The Israeli medical AI imaging company is developing a portable real-time diagnostic system, which can be operated by non-experts at first aid, remote areas, medical centers, military, and hospital beds. Lower prices than advanced imaging systems allow products to be more widely spread. The product is a combination of hardware (RF) products and software (AI), which has been proved to be physically feasible. The company has worked with doctors in several hospitals and passed the review of innovation by the Sheba Medical Center. The technology-based on harmless mobile phone RF radiation and non-imaging artificial intelligence runs on local hardware and can be wirelessly connected to hospital equipment. The company seeks investment for $1.7 million at least, as it is the base required to complete the POC of patient data for clinical trials.
Asia: Israel

Israeli telemedicine community seeks strategic partners and looks for professionals.

The Israeli telemedicine community launched six years ago and is the world’s largest online medical community, covering 850,000 doctors and 100 professionals in more than 120 countries around the world. The project enables doctors from all over the world to talk about real-world medicine, solve patient cases through cooperation project members, will participate in online educational activities, and use point-to-point negotiation to solve clinical difficulties and problems. Patients can get answers from professional and proven doctors from different departments so that the community can shorten diagnosis time and improve medical care. The business module of the project provides a unique digital bridge connecting the life sciences of the company and healthcare partners. It provides the global life science industry with practical solutions based on medical population procurement to meet daily challenges that could not be solved before. The company seeks strategic partners and looks for professionals.
Asia: Israel

Israeli biomedical company has a IVF project and seeks investment.

The Israeli biomedicine company’s project improves the success rate of IVF treatment based on its proprietary technology, which determines the patient's uterine preparation through continuous real-time monitoring in vivo. This personalized medical solution provides direct information about the condition of the endometrium. At present, it has raised 1.5 million US dollars, which is mainly used to continue clinical trials and expand its intellectual property rights and complete prototype design. It is planned to submit documents for registration within one and a half years upon which the business will start.
Asia: Israel

Israeli biotechnology company seeks investment.

The Israeli biotechnology company has allied with multinational cosmetics companies and obtained scientifically proven results. More importantly, the core ingredient are natural and sustainable compounds extracted from avocado. It is now developing and producing a patented product using sustainable bioactive compounds extracted from avocado as personal care products. The product can treat skin diseases such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. More than six years of product development and extensive scientific research have demonstrated the ability to repair the damage, such as skin exposure to ultraviolet radiation and skin inflammatory diseases, in preclinical and clinical studies. The company seeks investment.
Asia: Israel

Israeli injectable implants company seeks $3 million investment.

The Israeli company has developed injectable implants, which can automatically complete the facial wrinkle filling injection procedure, significantly reduce the risk of complications related to manual filler injection, and provide a better cosmetic effect. The project's patented injectable implants device provides enhanced comfort and reduces the risk of vascular complications. Its business model is to make profits by selling syringes, special needles, and other consumables only compatible with the company's equipment. The company is currently seeking to raise $3 million to maintain operations for the next 18 months to manufacture equipment, register more patents, obtain FDA, CE approval, pilot with doctors, launch products, and start sales.
Asia: Japan

Janpanese healthcare center focusing on cancer treatment seeks investment.

The Japanese healthcare center has the world's smallest and latest heavy particle therapy device, adopts high-speed scanning irradiation method with high accuracy, so realizes the most advanced cancer treatment with the world's leading high-end technology. The center adopts a universal design, which can provide a more comfortable cancer treatment experience for patients. Since the device is in operation, the center has provided treatment for more than 500 patients, including prostate cancer patients, head and neck patients, liver cancer patients, lung cancer patients, pancreatic cancer patients, bone cancer patients, and other patients. The healthcare center seeks investment.
Asia: Japan

Japanese hospital seeks investment.

The Japanese hospital was established in 1994 and is located in Hiroshima. It focuses on the treatment of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, herpes zoster, and other diseases. In addition, it focuses on hypertension, smoking cessation, gout, dyslipidemia, osteoporosis, amnesia/dementia, constipation. Also, provide professional and characteristic treatment services in the pneumococcal vaccine, influenza vaccination, and other aspects. At present, the company seeks investment.


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