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Project details

Isreali cancer treatment company seeks investment

Project region Israel
Industry Healthcare
Total value of the target N/A
Expected target net rate of return after deducting all taxes and fees N/A
Validity period of pending order 365


  • Simon Laube

    Simon Laube

    Assistant Manager, International Business Advisory

Project highlights NADAV technology - NDV - Mucus virus
Project description

The Israeli cancer treatment company is developing a new biological / drug platform (NADAV technology) - a proprietary strain based on oncolytic virus NDV, which can target a variety of cancers. A series of in vivo, in vitro and clinical studies on NDV strains, show that NDV strains retain the potential selective and targeted cell death (apoptosis) mechanism of human cancer cells. Another virus named Mucus virus can preferentially replicate and kill cancer cells. For the virus to have oncolytic effect, it must be safe for human beings, only kill cancer cells while retaining normal cells, and genetic stability. The company seeks investment.

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