Dezan Shira & Associates Presents on IP Protection in China to Belgian e-Commerce Delegation

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Riccardo, International Business Advisory Manager at Dezan Shira Presents on IP Protection in China to Belgian E-commerce DelegationOn March 13, 2017, Riccardo Benussi, Manager of International Business Advisory at Dezan Shira & Associates, was invited to deliver a speech on IP protection in China to a delegation from Belgium wishing to explore online expansion opportunities in China. Thibaut Minot, Associate of International Business Advisory at Dezan Shira, was the moderator of a Q&A session, leading an in depth discussion on key issues relating to China’s e-commerce industry.

The delegation visit and seminar was led by the Consulate General of Belgium. Several high-profile guests were in attendance, including Mr. Paul Lambert, Consul General of Belgium.

In his speech, Riccardo underlined the crucial importance of Intellectual Property and Trademark protection as a foreign brand doing business in China. Consequences of poor IP portfolio management such as loss of business, revenue, reputation and competitive advantage were explained backed up by real cases witnessed in China. Riccardo further explored how FDI in China is affected by IP issues, as well as how to file trademarks in China.

In the Q&A session led by Thibaut, hot topics about China’s e-commerce industry such as mobile payment, custom administration and IP were further discussed. Following the dialogue, delegates and hosts alike reached a consensus that proper management of IP and trademark registrations prior to entering the Chinese market is vital for avoiding problems after stepping into the market.

Riccardo and THibaut from Dezan Shira joined the Panel Discussion on IP Protection in China to Belgian E-commerce DelegationTo learn more about IP and trademark in China, please read Asia Briefing feature news: China Regulatory Brief: Forbidden Postal Items Negative List, Online Trademark Application System Broadened and Missing the Mark: The Importance of Trademark Registration in China.

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