Dezan Shira & Associates Attends NYU Shanghai Annual Career Fair

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Dezan Shira Associates attend NYU Shanghai Career FairOn March 10, 2017, Dezan Shira & Associates met with a cross section of students at New York University (NYU) Shanghai’ s annual career fair, introducing Dezan Shira’s business to future leaders and sharing relevant work experience. As part of its career program, Dezan Shira attends numerous career fairs every year to help students find their career path.

Career fairs such as this allows Dezan Shira to connect with prospective candidates in person from the very beginning. They allow us to meet those interested in joining us, while also letting us identify strong talent early on before they enter the broader job market. This enables us to form relationships that may result in long-term employment in the near future.
Dezan Shira at Shanghai Internship FairDezan Shira views these career fairs as an opportunity to help cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. Our internship program, for example, is based on giving interns real, hands-on experience, involving them in day-to-day activities and fully incorporating them at the operational level. This provides them a tremendous opportunity to expand their knowledge, expertise and learning in a practical environment; allowing them to find their niche by challenging their abilities and interests and affording an opportunity to be trained and mentored by senior staff.

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