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A nuanced view of the taxation systems relevant to your company’s overseas operations is a must for any successful venture in emerging Asia. Dezan Shira & Associates has the expertise to maximize the tax efficiency of your business within local and international compliance standards.

Sabrina Zhang
Dezan Shira & Associates

The Dezan Shira & Associates Knowledge Sharing Platform is your essential resource for doing business in Asia. Here you can find market analysis reports, industry reports and studies of the current regulatory environment to help guide your Asian operations.

  • Dezan Shira & Associates ist Asiens führendes Beratungsunternehmen für ausländische Direktinvestitionen, welches mittelständische Unternehmen in ganz Asien berät.

    germandesk [at] dezshira [dot] com

  • Dezan Shira & Associates, società di consulenza specializzata nell’assistenza agli investimenti diretti esteri nei paesi dell’Asia Emergente.

    italiandesk [at] dezshira [dot] com

  • Dezan Shira & Associates est la première société d’Asie spécialisée dans l’investissement direct étranger qui fournit ses services à toute entreprise basée à l’international désirant s’implanter en Asie.

    frenchdesk [at] dezshira [dot] com

  • Dezan Shira & Associates, es una firma consultoría especializada en la asistencia de inversión extranjera directa en los países emergentes de Asia.

    spanishdesk [at] dezshira [dot] com

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