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  • Choosing an Effective Entry Model for Vietnam Investments
    Published on: July 2017

    In this issue of Vietnam Briefing we detail the structure of Vietnam’s investment landscape and outline of the most prudent market entry models for foreign enterprises seeking to take advantage of ongoing reforms. We highlight opportunities for 100 percent foreign owned investment projects, discuss the utility of representative offices in pursuing market expansion, and showcase the role that joint ventures can play in maximizing access to restricted sectors.

  • New Considerations when Establishing a Chinese WFOE in 2017
    Published on: July 2017

    In this webinar, Kyle Freeman, International Business Advisory Manager at Dezan Shira’s Beijing office will discuss how best to set up a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China.

  • How to Set Up in the Philippines
    Published on: July 2017

    In this issue of ASEAN Briefing magazine, we provide an introduction to the Philippines as well as analyze the various market entry options available for investors interested in expanding to the island nation. We also discuss the step-by-step process for setting up a business entity in the Philippines, highlighting the various statutory requirements for overseas investors. Finally, we explore the potential for Singapore to serve as a viable base to administer investors’ Philippine operations.

  • Tax, Accounting and Audit in Vietnam 2017-18 (3rd Edition)
    Published on: July 2017

    This edition of Tax, Accounting, and Audit in Vietnam, updated for 2017, offers a comprehensive overview of the major taxes foreign investors are likely to encounter when establishing or operating a business in Vietnam, as well as other tax-relevant obligations. This concise, detailed, yet pragmatic guide is ideal for CFOs, compliance officers and heads of accounting who must navigate Vietnam’s complex tax and accounting landscape in order to effectively manage and strategically plan their Vietnam operations.

  • Establishing a Foreign Business in Russia
    Published on: July 2017

    In this issue of Russia Briefing, we explain the basics of business set up for foreign investors, from trademark registration, representation, trading mechanisms, and manufacturing. With low corporate tax rates, Russia is set to become the most dynamic of the trade corridors opening up to Asia.

  • HR Leadership and Managing a Workforce Across Multiple Countries in Asia
    Published on: June 2017

    In this webinar, Dezan Shira & Associates and Hays uncover what really makes a great HR leader and how HRDs can manage a multinational workforce effectively in Asia.

  • The Challenges of Managing a Workforce Across Asia
    Published on: June 2017

    Adam Livermore, Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates, speaks about the various challenges HRDs may face when managing HR admin and payroll work across various Asian countries. Solutions to overcome these problems based on real cases are further highlighted.

  • DNA of an HRD: The Makings of an HR Leader in Asia
    Published on: June 2017

    Edmond Pang, the Business Director of Hays Shanghai, shares the results of the observations of over 500 HR Leaders across Asia to reveal the DNA of a great HRD in Asia. Market trends in the HR space in China are also shared.

  • Human Resources & Payroll in China 2017-2018 (6th Edition)
    Published on: June 2017

    A firm understanding of China’s laws and regulations related to human resources and payroll management is absolutely necessary for foreign businesses in China. This edition of HR and Payroll, updated for 2017/18, navigates China’s laws and regulations related to HR and payroll management – essential information for foreign investors looking to establish or already running a foreign-invested entity in China.

  • Role of SMEs in the Transportation Infrastructure Development
    Published on: June 2017

    In this presentation DSA's Senior Associate Oscar Mussons discusses the role of SMEs in the development of the transportation infrastructure, with a particular focus on Vietnam's.


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