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Dezan Shira & Associates participate in webinar “Exporting in the Digital Age: Focus on India,” organized by SACE Education and Promos Italia

On September 26th, Riccardo Benussi, Director for Europe at Dezan Shira & Associates and a recognized expert affiliated with Promos Italia (the National Agency of Chambers of Commerce throughout Italy), took part in the third installment of the “Exporting in Digital” (Esportare in Digitale) webinar series in Italian.

This initiative, a result of the partnership between SACE and Promos Italia, featured Riccardo’s insightful presentation titled “Exploring the Digital Landscape in India and Unveiling Opportunities for Italian SMEs” (Lo scenario digitale in India e opportunità per le PMI italiane).

From Italy to India: Insights from experts and webinar highlights

Riccardo was joined by an interesting panel of speakers who delved into various related aspects of doing business in India. Claudio Cesaroni, from the SACE Research Office, examined India’s political and economic landscape and how it impacts the “Made in Italy” sector (Outlook politico ed economico dell’India: rischi e opportunità per il “Made in Italy”).

Claudio Maffioletti, CEO and Secretary General of the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI), explaned with real-life examples (Case histories: il plus del digitale nei processi di export in India) how businesses can leverage digital technologies to gain a competitive edge in the Indian market.

Italy’s thriving trade relationship with India

Therefore, India Is confirmed as one of the destination experiencing the highest growth for Italian exports of goods. It Is projected to increase by 10.3% in 2023 and 4.8% in the following year.  

Notably, in 2021, the Indian e-commerce market boasted a gross merchandise value (GMV) exceeding US$55 billion. Projections indicate that the GMV, spanning both B2B and B2C transactions, will exceed US$400 billion by 2030. The Indian government is actively working to revitalize the country’s export sector, aiming for substantial growth. In fact, even in the face of a global recession, India achieved a historic milestone with its exports surging to a record-breaking US$770.18 billion last year.

This governmental push to accelerate exports has resulted in several promotion schemes and incentives designed specifically to cater to startups and emerging export businesses. The incentives consider an array of factors, such as economic activity, industry, geographic location, and company size.  

Final takeaways

On the importance of the webinar, Riccardo Benussi highlighted how “it played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for potential investors keen on exploring India’s digital economy. It offered them an opportunity to take meaningful strides towards understanding the country and its burgeoning e-commerce prospects. Moreover, the webinar provided insights into how their retail strategies might align with the Indian market. The seminar also discussed the present state of the e-commerce landscape, consumer behavior, and the implications of data protection regulations.”

In case you missed it, you can also access the recording of this well-received webinar in Italian, specifically curated for Italian firms seeking to gain insights into business prospects and digital strategies aimed at fostering exports in vital strategic markets for “Made in Italy”.

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