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Managing Partner Alberto Vettoretti and Senior Manager David Stepat Attend Leading Edge Alliance Global Asia Pacific Regional Conference

SINGAPORE – Alberto Vettoretti, the Managing Partner of Dezan Shira & Associates, and a Board of Directors member for LEA Global, participated in the LEA Global Asia Pacific Regional Conference, which held from September 24th to 26th, 2023.

The conference delved into topics such as strategic planning, nurturing company culture and talent growth, placing special emphasis on cultural intelligence and connectivity. Spanning three days, the event comprised keynote addresses, workshops, and networking events. These sessions were instrumental in enabling member firms to establish connections, strategize, and enhance their global business value.

Tony Szczepaniak, CEO of LEA Global, welcomed attendees from Australia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea, and India. He also facilitated the various focus sessions that fostered a sharing of practices.

Alberto Vettoretti, presented on the topic the “Best Practices of Strategic Planning” with Xerxes Medora of JK Medora PAC. He emphasized the importance of intense collaboration and regional exchange to effectively harness the potential of a global network.

Speaking about the association’s influence, Alberto stated that “ever since Dezan Shira & Associates became a founding member of LEA Global in 2006, this remarkable network has played a pivotal role in enabling member firms worldwide to interact and address the constantly evolving challenges faced by professional firms globally. This Asia Pacific conference reiterated the unmatched value of our robust network.”

David Stepat, the Senior Manager for Dezan Shira & Associates in Singapore, conducted a session on “Cultural Intelligence” in which he shared his extensive experience working in the region in the professional services industry. He shared strategies to navigate intricate cultural landscapes, bolster communication, and deepen the understanding of international players.

Highlighting the significance of cultural intelligence, David remarked, “It isn’t merely another competency to acquire. It’s the gateway to thriving in global ventures. Respecting and understanding diverse cultures is fundamental in the realm of international business. It forms the very foundation of trust and builds enduring partnerships. This embodies what LEA represents, and I’m thrilled to impart insights on this vital subject, hoping it spurs even greater collaboration.”

LEA Global stands tall as one of the foremost tax, accounting and consulting networks in the world, boasting ties with over 220 professional firms across 110 countries. Regular meetings, held at various international locations, provide member firms a platform to share knowledge, strengthen relationships, and translate ideas into actionable strategies.

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