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Ines Liu Joins Panel on Empowering Women in Export – Succeeding in the China Market

On June 24, 2021, Head of Australian Desk and International Business Advisory Manager, Ines Liu took part in an all women panel discussing women in export in the China market hosted by the Australia China Business Council (ACBC) and Global Victorian Women (GVw).

Empowering Women in Export – Succeeding in the China Market

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, China is Australia’s largest trading partner in both the import and export of goods. Between 2019 and 2020, 39% of Australia’s exported goods went to China.  Despite recent political tensions between the two countries, China will remain a key market for Australia well into the future.

In this three-part online panel, speakers from different industries shared their experience, insights, and practical knowledge of the China export market.  Speakers introduced different paths to enter the China market, highlighted common challenges investors face, and discussed how to navigate the unique cultural business setting in China.

Ines focused on the essentials of setting up a business in China, touching upon key topics such as the legal requirements for entity establishment and alternative market entry pathways through e-Commerce (CBEC).  Ines also brought particular attention to the vital importance of IP protection when operating in the China market. “Trademark registration is the first thing you need to do before setting foot in China or if you have selling to China in mind. It’s especially important for those who do not have a formal presence such as through CBEC channel in the country.”

Those who attended left with key takeaways including never underestimate the importance of relationships (guan xi 关系) in China, always do your due diligence and understand your target market and have a backup plan, whether it be an exit strategy or business continuity plan.

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