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Discussing Digitalizing Your Accounting Process – A Way to Improve Internal Controls and Enhance Tax Compliance

On May 13 2021, members of our Information Systems and Accounting teams travelled to Nanjing to discuss the digitalization of accounting processes for businesses in partnership with the European Chamber of Commerce.

Last year’s pandemic brought major disruptions for businesses and prompted many to look towards technology to keep their operations running smoothly. To succeed in an increasingly digital era, it is vital that companies revisit existing and backbone accounting management processes and digitalize core aspects such as their expense and approvals process.

Adam Livermore, partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, Phoebe Yan, Information Systems Manager, and Sam Jiang, Corporate Accounting Services Manager, sat down with firms from various industries to discuss this process and highlight the main benefits of digitalization in accounting.  

During the presentation firms were able to receive an introduction of the digitalization process, understand the pain points of a traditional tax and accounting processing and compliance issues related to new regulations, as well as see the benefits of improved tax compliance and internal controls by implementing a digital expense management system.

Most importantly, attendees received a live demonstration of a digital expense management app in action – allowing them to experience firsthand how it works and the benefits for their firm.

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