It’s Never Been a Better Time for British and Irish Businesses in Asia

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Last year, UK’s foreign direct investment (FDI) into China increased by a huge 169.8 percent year-on-year, in a massive shift towards Asia. Similarly, bilateral trade between China and Ireland in 2018 set a record high of 14.5 billion USD, up by 31.23 percent from a year ago.

Asian countries offer enormous business opportunities to British and Irish investors. A well reputed British financial services firm says China will become the world’s largest economy by 2030 while India will assume the second spot.

As a part of our continuous efforts to provide seamless services to foreign investors, we are pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated UK and Ireland Desk at Dezan Shira & Associates in 2019.

With a large consuming population, fast developing economies, availability of diversified resources, improving infrastructure, growing digital landscape, among many other factors make China, India, and ASEAN strategically important partners for UK and Ireland businesses. A huge range of opportunities – from basic to high tech industries, it is hard to ignore the region’s potential”, says Maria Kotova, Head of UK and Ireland Desk.

Dezan Shira & Associates retains extremely strong ties with UK and Ireland, having assisted over 300 UK and Ireland based businesses in China alone. We are members of several UK and Ireland focused organizations throughout Asia and have long lasting relationships with other British and Irish institutional entities operating in the region.

Our UK and Ireland clientele

Typical British and Irish clients for Dezan Shira & Associates are small and medium sized companies and subsidiaries of listed companies. Some of these companies are world-renowned conglomerates and well-known brands, while others are relatively small privately-owned businesses with innovative products and services.

Our clients operate in various industries including manufacturing, F&B, retail and wholesale of consumer goods, chemicals, equipment and components, automotive, medical devices, agricultural products, construction, e-commerce, and high- tech.

Knowledge is power

To keep you ahead of the game in Asia, our dedicated team at UK and Ireland Desk publishes monthly business news on industry updates and upcoming Asia focussed events in UK and Ireland that are specifically drafted and preselected to benefit British and Irish businesses. To receive our updates right to your inbox, please click here and make sure to select “UK” or “Ireland” as your current residency.

One of the many investor resources available on our website is Asiapedia – a huge collection of business intelligence reports and information on SE Asian countries including materials such as articles, magazines, guides, charts, presentations etc.

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For any inquiries about doing business in Asia, please get in touch with our UK and Ireland Desk team.

Team at UK and Ireland desk

Our team of professionals consists of a number of Britishers who have been living and working in Asia for several years. DSA’s UK and Ireland Desk shall work closely with your team to ensure that any cultural and language barriers are taken care of right from the very beginning.

Our firm was established by Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Founder and Chairman of the firm’s International Board of Equity Partners & Directors. Originally from UK, Chris is now based mainly in Europe, however, has 30 years of career in Asia, including 25 years of living in China.

Adam Livermore is a Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates and oversees several offices in China and India. Born in London, he has been living in China for past fourteen years.

Our UK and Ireland Desk is led by the Head of Business Development, Maria Kotova. Her role entails development of the firm’s strategy in UK and Ireland, spearheading strategic partnerships and working closely with partners, international organizations and global agents in UK and Ireland in relation to regulatory framework, industry services, and other SE Asian business environmental factors.

Maria is also an in-demand speaker at international events on legal, tax and financial issues in UK and Ireland business events and consistently contributes business intelligence publications to the firm’s publishing company, Asia Briefing Ltd.

The desk is assisted by our partner and alliance firms in UK and Ireland to provide overall support in their home countries. We recently partnered with RFM Preston Limited, a UK based Chartered Accountants firm.

“I am delighted to enter into the cooperation agreement with Dezan Shira. It allows us to expand our client offering to include access to expert international advice and is in keeping with our firm’s philosophy of ‘+ more’. We look forward to working with our colleagues at Dezan Shira who have a similar approach to client service as ourselves”, says Paul Newsham, Group Managing Partner at RFM.

How can we support UK and Ireland based companies?

While monitoring, analyzing, and keeping track of UK and Irish policies for international trade and investments as well as the continued development of closer economic ties between UK, Ireland, and Asia, we provide expert advice to companies on what this means practically.

The following are typical services that Dezan Shira & Associates provides to clients from UK and Ireland in Asia: