Chris Devonshire-Ellis Discusses Challenges and Opportunities of Doing Business in China

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Our Chairman and Founder, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, recently spoke with Eldad Shashua on the challenges and opportunities of doing business in China, more than 25 years since establishing Dezan Shira & Associates (DSA).

During the interview, Devonshire-Ellis sheds light on the challenges businesses may face in China, particularly around new technologies and global warming. It would be difficult to discuss market challenges without touching upon the US-China trade war, in which Devonshire-Ellis describes how DSA’s shift to new markets in Asia puts the firm in a unique position, in which it can better cater to its client’s needs – particularly those looking to transfer operations out of China.

When asked to share a favourite “life lesson quote”, Devonshire-Ellis, answered:

I’ll choose two: never give up — if your heart and gut believe what you are doing is the right thing, then you’re probably right. Don’t get despondent when times get tough and just keep going. When you’re on the floor, the only way is up. Work the problem. Secondly, always hire people smarter than you are. Don’t become a professional professional, a constant Director or even Managing Director. Change, move up. And replace yourself with people who are better at doing your job than you are. Then one day you can step back and they’ve all got great careers and you’ve got your freedom, your own ultimate exit plan. If you can replace yourself in your own business and become an owner rather than an employee I think that’s a great achievement.”

To read in full, Devonshire-Ellis’ interview has been published by both Authority Magazine and Thrive Global.

For those looking to overcome their own business challenges in China, please drop us a message and one of our experts will get back to you to address your business needs.