Chris Devonshire-Ellis Assists With Release Of New Anne Pigalle LP

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Exstase - Anne Pigalle

Ecstase by Anne Pigalle

Chris Devonshire-Ellis, the Chairman of Dezan Shira & Associates, has assisted with financing the release of the new LP by London-based French singer Anne Pigalle. Pigalle has a 30 year career as a Chantuese, and is often considered the contemporary Edith Piaf. Her 1987 LP, “Why Does It Have to be This Way”, yielded several hits, and in her time she has worked with musicians from Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone’s bands among many others.

Her latest LP, which is only available in that format, and will not be released digitally, is entitled “Ecstase” and features ten tracks. The LP is released on 15th October.

An interview with Anne Pigalle and a selection of three of the songs on the album can be heard here (jump to 40:23).

This is not the first time Devonshire-Ellis or Dezan Shira & Associates have been involved in musical production. In 2013, on the firm’s 20th anniversary, Devonshire-Ellis commissioned the “Four Corners Quartet“, an original composition by New Zealand composer Brent Parker.

The details of that production, and the complete music can be found and heard here.