Seminar on the Evolving Food and Beverage Industry in China

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In this seminar, Riccardo Benussi introduced the latest consumption trends in China’s Food & Beverage (F&B) market and how foreign business can import F&B products into China. The presentation also included key import steps and regulatory hurdles to be aware of in the process. Finally, Riccardo shared how foreign F&B brands in China may be affected by IP issues and what they can do to protect their IP in China.

Key discussion points

According to Riccardo, understanding the objectives and demands of a Chinese consumer is vital. Regional differences in consumption and the internal dynamics of the market structure are the keys to success in this market. Chinese consumers care more about their health than ever before. The result is a marked reduction in sales for low nutrition foods and the skyrocketing of health foods like premium yoghurt and food supplements.

Riccardo went on to explain how Chinese customers are open to trying new products and rely heavily on consumer reviews when making purchasing decisions. Thus, investors should consider developing new and innovative food products, whilst carefully manage their brand reputation from customer reviews on social and e-commerce platforms.

Further Information

To learn more about the F&B Industry in China, please read the “The Food & Beverage Industry in China: A Guide for Brand Owners” report and watch our online webinar “A Sugar-Free Look into the Chinese F&B Market” here.

For more inquiries about setting up and operating your F&B business in China, please contact Riccardo Benussi here.