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Transfer Pricing Knowledge You Should Know for Doing Business in China



  • Title: Transfer Pricing Knowledge You Should Know for Doing Business in China
  • Date: May 18th, 2020

In recent years, transfer pricing in China has increasingly been under strict scrutiny from PRC tax authorities. Foreign companies must ensure they are up to date with and follow transfer pricing regulations as well as requirements or risk opening themselves up to challenges from tax authorities. Due diligence on transfer pricing also applies to start-ups as well. Those looking to grow and transact with parties overseas should be aware that transfer pricing is an import issue that needs to be addressed at the very beginning.

Whether you are a small or medium enterprise, a large well-known corporation, or just starting out, transfer pricing is a vital, and often times overlooked, aspect of business operations.  Being well prepared and keeping up to date with your company’s transfer pricing can help you mitigate risks and steer clear of further complexities.

Join Shirley as she discusses the ins and outs of China’s transfer pricing system and tackles the issues below:

  • Transfer pricing knowledge every company should know for doing business in China
  • PRC transfer pricing environment
  • Major PRC transfer pricing legislations in effect
  • Mandatory compliance requirements
  • Suggestions for newly foreign invested companies




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