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Navigating Singapore's Talent Landscape: Essential Insights for Successful Hiring



As businesses increasingly turn their attention towards the Asia Pacific region to bridge skill gaps in a talent-hungry global market, Singapore emerges as a desirable destination with its abundant and diverse pool of highly educated talents. Nevertheless, organizations often encounter significant challenges in securing the right talent for their needs, predominantly due to an overwhelming number of candidates, evolving business requirements, and the potentially high costs of onboarding unsuitable candidates.

Ensuring the right fit from the outset is of utmost importance. This entails a clear understanding of employment terms, crafting dynamic demand plans responsive to market fluctuations, and refining recruitment methodologies.

Join our expert speakers, David Stepat, Senior Manager of International Business Advisory, and David Tan, Assistant Manager of Corporate Accounting Services, as they unravel the intricacies of Singapore's labour market, guiding you towards the successful recruitment of executives that align with and can drive your business objectives.

Our speakers cover key areas such as:

  1. Singapore's employment pass schemes
  2. Payroll specifics, social contribution, and employment taxes
  3. Components of a labor contract
  4. The role and benefits of Executive Search in filling positions

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