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Indonesia’s Corporate Income Tax 2024: Calculating Benefits-in-Kind, Amortization, and Depreciation of Asset



Indonesia’s taxation law continues to develop to align with its economic goals. In the second half of 2023, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance implemented two pivotal tax regulations concerning Benefits-in-Kind (PMK 66 2023) and Amortization and Depreciation of Assets (PMK 72 2023).

As both regulations are now in effect, businesses are mandated to factor them into their calculations during the annual corporate income tax reporting in April 2024. A nuanced understanding of the regulations is imperative for businesses to ensure precision in their tax reporting, allowing them to accurately identify the affected benefits and assets, and apply the correct methodology in tax calculation.

Join us, as Putwi Firdayanti, Assistant Manager of Corporate and Accounting Services, uncovers the PMK 66 and PMK 72 2023 regulations with a detailed explanation of benefits and assets affected by the regulations and how to navigate the challenges faced by businesses in implementing these regulations. 

Key topics:

  1. Overview of PMK 66 and PMK 72
  2. Implications of PMK 66 and PMK 72 on corporate income tax calculation
  3. Recalculation procedures for PMK 66 and PMK 72 and case studies
  4. Complexities in implementing PMK 66 and PMK 72

This webinar is free of charge.

For any inquiry on the event, please contact Sahnaz Bustomi at Sahnaz.bustomi@dezshira.com


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