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Gateway to Singapore: Guide to Singapore Employment Permits 2021




Singapore’s investment-friendly landscape has made the country a premier regional hub with US$92 billion in total FDI and US$65 million in GDP per capita pre-COVID. Singapore is home to over 7,000 regional headquarters of multinational firms and new-age industries - making the country a world-class economy despite its modest population.  

To keep up with dynamic business activities, one million foreign employees, accounted for one-fifth of the population,  have been recruited to fulfill talent shortage and to promote foreign expertise in the workforce.   

In this webinar, Gateway to Singapore: Guide to Singapore Employment Permits 2021, Marcos Salgado, Manager based in Singapore, guides foreign corporations through the complexity of obtaining work passes in Singapore and provides an update on the most recent regulations, including: 

  • Types of employment visas in Singapore with a special focus on Employment Pass and S-Pass 
  • Visas for entrepreneurs in Singapore 
  • Dependent Pass in Singapore  
  • Tax implications for foreign workers relocating to Singapore 

We hope you find the webinar helpful. Should you have any further concerns or questions when applying the solutions brought up in the webinar, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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