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The Changing Dynamics of Recruiting in China – Challenges and Finding Success




World developments, including continuing Covid outbreaks across the country, have changed the recruitment landscape in China. Companies are finding that relying on traditional recruitment strategies is no longer sufficient to attract the talent that they need to support the growth of their business.

As new opportunities arise, quality talent is needed to support business development. It is vital that companies prepare talent reserves and build a recruitment strategy suited for the new demands of the market.

Join our Recruitment Consultant, Lindsay Shi, as she provides an on-the-ground look at China’s current recruitment landscape. She’ll discuss the challenges that businesses face, major factors that affect the recruitment process, and new strategies for finding success.

Key Topics

Challenges companies face for recruiting in today’s market

  • Enterprises transformation challenges

  • Changes in recruitment trends and accompanying challenges

  • Major opportunities and developments that affect recruitment success

Countermeasures for navigating recruiting challenges

  • Enterprises transformation to support a successful recruiting strategy
  • Building strong labor relations  

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