Cambodia’s Garment Manufacturing Industry

July 2019

Cambodia is popular for providing a low-cost manufacturing base for several industries. Among the many advantages that the country offers to investors are duty-free access to some large and developed markets, a stable economy, and several government ...


Verwaltung von Verträgen und Kündigungen in den ASEAN-Staaten

January 2019

In dieser Ausgabe des ASEAN-Briefing Magazins diskutieren wir die Verwaltung von Arbeitsverträgen sowie Kündigungen in den fünf wirtschaftsstärksten ASEAN-Staaten. Zu Beginn beschreiben wir die zentralen Merkmale von Arbeitsverträgen und Sozialv...


Law on Investment - Cambodia

January 2019

Law of investment of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


Export and Import Procedures in ASEAN: Best Practices

December 2018

In this issue of ASEAN Briefing magazine, we highlight the region’s export and import procedures for the benefit of trading businesses. We begin by outlining the export procedures in each ASEAN member state. Next, we focus on import procedures in e...


Setting Up a Business in Cambodia - Options for Investors

November 2018

Cambodia has been one of Asia’s fastest growing developing countries since the late 1980s when it dropped its planned economy plan for the free market. Its annual growth averaged 7.5 percent over the last decade, driven by robust garment e...


The 2018/19 ASEAN Tax Comparator

March 2018

In this issue of ASEAN Briefing magazine, we discuss both the continuity and change in ASEAN’s tax landscape and what it means for foreign investors. We begin by highlighting the salient features of the taxation regimes of the individual member sta...


ASEAN's FTAs and Opportunities for Foreign Businesses

November 2017

In this issue of ASEAN Briefing magazine, we provide an introduction to some of ASEAN’s FTAs and how foreign investors and exporters can maximize opportunities in this dynamic region. We begin by discussing the salient features of each FTA and the ...


Les Ressources Humaines en ASEAN

October 2017

Dans ce numéro d’ASEAN Briefing, nous discutons de la structure des marchés du travail en ASEAN et mettons en lumière les points les plus importants concernant les salaires et la conformité à tous les niveaux de la chaîne de valeur. Nous donn...


General Information on Cambodia

March 2017

This table shows general information on Cambodia, such as its population, GDP, import and export value, and average monthly wage.