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M&A Transactions in Vietnam – Key Considerations, Legal Frame & Tax Overview



Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) in Vietnam has been a popular route for investors due to its obvious advantages, providing the solution to several obstacles foreign investors can face when expanding their business. The Vietnamese government has streamlined the M&A process to encourage investment in new sectors of the economy. Now, with the Vietnamese economy growing again, the climate for new investment and merger & acquisition activities is promising.

What are available opportunities in the market specifically? And how do you ensure a successful M&A deal when making a transaction in Vietnam? For investors considering entering the market or developing their business further through M&A, we seek to answer these questions in this presentation.

Our experts, Tam Nguyen, Senior Manager of Business Advisory Services, and Thang Vu, Associate Manager, Tax, gave you a comprehensive overview on:

  • The M&A landscape in Vietnam

  • The legal frame on M&A

  • M&A registrations and important considerations

  • The investment process for successful M&As

  • Tax implications on M&A deals

  • Tax impacts on overseas indirect takeovers


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