Manufacturing in India in 2023 - Emerging Opportunities, Leading Sectors, and Incentive Schemes

Webinar | Tuesday, December 20, 2022 | 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST


On December 20, Business Intelligence expert Koushan Das will host a webinar to discuss India’s Manufacturing landscape and highlight the role of integrated industrial ecosystems in providing ease of doing business for foreign investors.

Manufacturing has played a key role in the economic growth and development of India, and over the past couple of years, government of India has introduced several reforms and measures to boost India’s manufacturing sector.

India’s FDI inflow in Manufacturing sector hit a US$21.34 billion mark in FY 2022, indicating a 76 percent year-on-year increase.

Multiple factors like an enormous domestic market size and capacity, lower labour costs, consistently improving Infrastructure and connectivity, among others, have made India a lucrative investment destination for foreign manufacturing companies.

However, it is crucial that foreign companies understand the challenges as well as the opportunities that reside in India’s manufacturing industry, to be able to establish their business and experience favourable growth in the country.

Koushan’s webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Indian Market – Macroeconomic overview of India
  • Key Manufacturing Sectors in India
  • Manufacturing in India vs Other Competitive Economies
  • Major Growth Drivers
  • Opportunities and challenges for Foreign Investors
  • Manufacturing Promotion Schemes Introduced by the Government

This webinar is free to attend. Please contact Holly McCleery with any questions.


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Dec 20, 2022

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Webinar | Tuesday, December 20, 2022 | 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

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