Reforesting Asia Eco-Initiative 2022

We aim to clean the air of 3000+ tons of CO2 over the next 30 years

What it means to be your partner for growth in Asia.

For 30 years we have been helping businesses enter, grow, and succeed in the Asian market. Now on our 30th anniversary, we are bringing attention to environmental regeneration in the region and reforestation efforts focused on regrowing Asia’s forests.

We aim to donate enough trees to absorb over 3,000 tons of CO2 over the next 30 years.

We will be working with One Tree Planted and other local platforms to help reforest areas that have suffered deforestation or forest fires. The projects we choose to work with will also be selected for their economic impact on local communities.

These tree replanting efforts will have wide-ranging, positive effects such as protecting biodiversity and endangered species habitats, forest fire restoration, erosion control, reducing the risks of landslides and floods, creating jobs in the local community, and climate stability.

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Reforestation Projects

Projects that we are helping to fund in Asia

Our Impact this Year

trees planted
tons of CO2 removed*
*estimated tons of CO2 removed over the next 30 years

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Learn to grow your business while helping to grow Asia’s forests. Join our business events and we’ll donate a tree to a nearby selected reforestation project.

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