Seminar: Legal and Tax Risks and Crisis Management for Foreign Invested Companies in China

Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel 常州富力喜来登酒店

China's increasingly complex market environment and the rapid expansion of enterprises exposes multiple risks for businesses. Effective crisis prevention, crisis management and crisis resolution have become a strategic focus for enterprises.

Faced with risks that may appear at any time, improper handling may lead to loss of corporate interests, damaged reputation, and development setbacks. 


European Chamber in collaboration with Dezan Shira & Associates will co-host a seminar on the topic of Legal and Tax Risks and Crisis Management for Foreign Invested Companies in China.


Speech Outline:

  1. Case sharing and discussion
  2. Consequences of crisis
  3. Current situation of crisis management in China
  4. Causes of crisis
  5. Crisis management stages and measures
  6. Main types of legal risks
        6.1 Operation safety
        6.2 Product Quality
        6.3 Commercial bribery
        6.4 Environmental protection
  7. Legal Crisis management methods
        7.1 Respond to judicial authorities and administrative authorities
        7.2 Respond to victims
        7.3 Respond to media
  8. Lega Risk Prevention
        8.1 Compliance system optimization
        8.2 Corporate governance organization design
  9. Common tax compliance and risks control
  10. Selection methods of tax inspections
  11. Tax risks response and management




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Event Info

Mar 14, 2019

Location & Time

Sheraton Changzhou Xinbei Hotel 常州富力喜来登酒店


No. 88-1 tong Jiang Zhong Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou 常州富力喜来登酒店 中国江苏省常州市新北区通江中路88-1号