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Project details

Japanese microbial gene data innovation platform seeks financing.

Project region Japan
Industry Healthcare
Total value of the target N/A
Expected target net rate of return after deducting all taxes and fees N/A
Validity period of pending order 365


  • Simon Laube

    Simon Laube

    Assistant Manager, International Business Advisory

Project highlights single-cell genome analysis tech - USD 5 M in B-round
Project description

The Japanese company has exclusively developed single-cell genome analysis technology, which is the only effective technology that can obtain the complete genome sequence of microorganisms at present and can be used to serve the leading compound discovery, compound structure optimization, target gene research and other fields involved in the clinical development of pharmaceutical enterprises. The company has 19 employees. The four core founding team members come from well-known universities such as the University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Kobe University, and have work experience in international pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutions, the Boston Consulting Group and other institutions. In 2020, the company obtained B-round financing of USD 5.43 million (JPY 730 million), seeking C-round financing to expand to the Chinese market through technology licencing.

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