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Dezan Shira & Associates Collaborates with Danish Industry (DI) on Navigating China’s Data Privacy Regulations

On March 27th, 2024, Nathaniel Rushforth, Senior Data Security & Compliance Consultant at Dezan Shira & Associates based in Shanghai, shared his expertise at a webinar hosted by Danish Industry (DI) to discuss the latest developments in China’s data privacy laws, first introduced in 2021.

After opening remarks by Peter-Mikal Bøgh Hansen, China Political Director at Danish Industry and Director of Sense China, the session delved into the complexities foreign companies face in defining ‘sensitive data’ and establishing robust compliance procedures in China’s evolving cybersecurity landscape.

For global companies engaging in data transfers or remote data access in China, staying updated on the Cross-Border Data Transfer (CBDT) requirements is essential. While Denmark and the EU are governed by the strict data protection regulations of the GDPR, China’s Personal Information and Protection Law (PIPL) introduces unique challenges.

During the event, our expert addressed regulatory updates, common client issues, strategies for identifying sensitive personal information in China and also specific PIPL case studies, followed by a short Q&A session.

On the topic of CBDT Nathaniel remarked: “While the regulatory environment remains tricky, we are starting to see further clarification and relaxation of certain restrictions on activities like cross-border data transfer. Those restrictions created a lot of headaches for foreign companies, so these should come as welcome developments for companies already here and those looking at market entry.”

If you are interested in knowing more about China’s CBDT regime from a business perspective or investment opportunities China in general, please feel free to contact:

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