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Dezan Shira & Associates Organized Insightful Workshop on Strategic Relocation in China and ASEAN Opportunities

In a proactive effort to navigate the ever-changing global business landscape, a diverse group of international companies recently gathered for the “Making the Right Move: Smart Relocation Choices in China and Seizing ASEAN Opportunities” workshop, hosted by Dezan Shira & Associates. The event aimed to explore innovative strategies that promote resilience and sustainability while managing the complexities of international business. 

The distinguished speakers for the workshop were Vivian Mao, Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates in Shanghai, China, and Marco Förster, Head of ASEAN Advisory at Dezan Shira & Associates in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

An important segment of the workshop focused on the ASEAN markets, where Marco provided useful insights, delving into key markets and opportunities within the region. Additionally, he offered a sneak peek into a groundbreaking Emerging Asia Manufacturing Index Ranking. Engaging the audience with comprehensive data points, Marco discussed various China +1 location options in Asia, highlighting countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and others. 

Vivian Mao took center stage in guiding attendees through relocation methods and procedures within China. Her in-depth exploration covered factors, decisions, and approach options for existing China-based firms contemplating relocation, whether within China itself or as part of a China +1 strategy. The sharing seamlessly integrated key planning considerations from legal, tax, and HR perspectives, providing a holistic overview for companies navigating strategic relocation. 

The event concluded with a question and answer session, offering participants a valuable opportunity to directly engage with the expert speakers. 

With appreciation for our esteemed in-person guests and online attendees, the workshop underscored Dezan Shira & Associates’ commitment to providing strategic insights and facilitating informed decision-making in the dynamic landscape of international business. 

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