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Kyle Freeman, Partner, Discusses Long-Term Risks at Annual World of Worries 2024 Conference

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, Kyle Freeman joined BMI’s World of Worries: Political Risks in 2024 as a panelist. Kyle participated in the long-term risks segment of the Asia session, where he joined moderator Cedric Chehab, Managing Director, Global Head of Country Risk BMI, a Fitch Solutions Company, and other Fitch Solutions panelists.

Yoel Sano, Head of Head of Global Political Risk at Macro Research BMI, opened the segment with a short presentation on long-term political and geopolitical risks.   

Over the next 40 minutes, he and his fellow panelists broke down several risks mentioned in Yoel’s presentation. One persistent theme was how fragmentation (and rising protectionism) is occurring and the impact it may have on bloc power and opportunities in developing economies like India and Vietnam.   

As Manager of the International Business Advisory team and Head of the North American Client Services Desk at the firm, Kyle discussed how companies are reacting and adapting to policies taken in China that change the business environment, as well as those directed at China. Both of which have made the situation more complex and opaque for companies, particularly for those in certain knowledge service industries. 

Lastly, Kyle explained the global minimum tax regime being implemented in the 140 countries that have signed onto the OECD framework starting in 2024. He cautioned that companies will have to re-evaluate investments in tax havens and other locations that have used tax incentives to bring in foreign direct investment.  

Other topics touched on by the panelists included long-term demographic risks in APAC and the varying speeds with which ESGs are being adopted in the region. The panel concluded by viewing the consequences of these risks through an optimistic lens, such as providing opportunities for other economies. 

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