Manufacturing in Asia: 9 Crucial Factors for Location Selection

Are you ready to diversify, but unsure where to relocate your supply chain to? How do you even begin to make that decision?

The past few years have challenged the manufacturing and trade sectors.

Natural disasters, geopolitical tensions, trade disputes, pandemics, or economic downturns in a market can disrupt the supply chain and lead to production delays or shortages. While challenging to anticipate unexpected shifts, diversifying your operations can reduce the impact such disruptions may have on your business.

One of the top questions that naturally arises is: Where in the world do we relocate to?

The following checklist outlines nine essential elements you should collect information or data about to fully understand your options and their feasibility. These elements are crucial factors we thoroughly investigate for companies when comparing countries, economic zones, or industrial clusters.

Download the checklist and get access to the factors critical to your location selection.

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