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Riccardo Benussi and David Stepat Attends the Asia-Pacific Conference of German Business 2022 in Singapore


Dezan Shira’s Riccardo Benussi and David Stepat attended the 17th Asia Pacific Conference of German business, which aimed to enhance collaboration between Germany and the Asia-Pacific region. The conference sought solutions to shared challenges, explored opportunities, facilitated personal exchange, and enabled attendees to collaborate on global projects. Businesses of all sizes and industries utilized the conference as an opportunity to establish new partnerships.

Organized by the German Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the German Asia Pacific Business Association (OAV), of which both Dezan Shira & Associates is a member, the conference was considered a significant milestone in relations between Germany and the Asia-Pacific region, with attendees expressing optimism for future collaboration.

Notable highlights included the attendance of the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, who delivered a keynote speech, as well as other prominent political leaders including the German Vice-Chancellor, and the discussion of key issues facing German businesses. Three main ones were explored in-depth and included:

  • The challenges posed by global megatrends, such as climate change, demographic change, urbanization, and population growth. Attendees agreed on the need to develop and share new technologies to address these issues.
  • The opportunities presented by new technologies, such as the internet of things and platform technologies, which are transforming industries and the way we live and work. Germany and the Asia-Pacific region are seen as ideal partners in leveraging these developments.
  • The significance of diversification in building resilient partnerships. German businesses are looking to open new markets through trade and investment with as many countries as possible to create balance and deliver innovations to customers more quickly.

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