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Guilherme Campos Hosts Discussion on Intellectual Property Strategies with Debuting Italian Artist in China’s NFT Market

Guilherme Campos, International Business Advisory Manager and Vice Coordinator of China-Italy Chamber’s IP Working Group, led a discussion with Italian artist, Maurizia Galvan, on the outlook of China’s NFT market and the enormous IP value behind it.

On October 20th, our International Business Advisory Manager Guilherme Campos moderated the IPeritif in Shanghai – a new event series gathering Intellectual Property (IP) Experts from the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce’s IP Working Group.

Professionals from consulting and food & beverage sectors, met with Italian artist Maurizia Galvan (also known as Xiao Mao) to engage in a lively exchange of views on one of the hottest topics today, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As the first foreign artist to release artwork on China’s NFT market, Ms. Galvan shared her thoughts on NFTs from an artist’s perspective. In addition, the group discussed how NFTs could be combined with physical products to enhance attractiveness and competitiveness in the market, and what IP strategies need to be in place for successful implementation.

With IP protection more important than ever, NFTs are a new element companies must consider as part of their IP strategy. As NFTs grow in popularity, their importance to businesses’ future growth will increase as shown by Ms. Galvan and her work. The release of her NFT artwork in China this September was the first its kind,1 showing global artists and talents the great potential of commercializing their IP directly on local Chinese NFT platforms. Guilherme commented, “Despite NFTs starting to be common investment methods in the US and the UK, they are now just taking first steps in China. It is expected that in the near future more foreign investors will follow Maurizia and work on NFT related projects.”

Guilherme Campos together with NFT artist Maurizia Galvan (aka Xiao Mao)

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