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Announcing the Launch of Middle East Briefing – the latest title from Asia Briefing publications

Sept 2, 2022 – Asia Briefing™ today launched Middle East Briefing™, the latest title in its line of regional news publications.

Middle East Briefing will provide regional intelligence and vital business news updates for investors about doing business in the Middle East region and rest of Asia, where interregional trade is set to well exceed USD $1 trillion in 2022.

With new trade agreements coming online, such as the UAE’s new CEPA’s with Indonesia and India, respectively, exporters are able to gain free trade on upwards of 80% of goods with these markets. These and other developments position a boom in imports and exports over the next decade, and create a new wealth of opportunities for investors to follow and learn about, and seize as competitive advantages.

Accelerating the need for Middle East Briefing as a business resource, are projections that Emerging Asia is anticipated to become the Middle East region’s largest trading partner by 2030.

As highlighted by Chris Devonshire-Ellis, Chairman of Dezan Shira & Associates and Asia Briefing, two factors driving growth in interregional foreign investment are strong GDP growth rates and increasing economic integration between the Middle East and other countries.

Interregional trade and investment reforms between the Middle East and South Asia alone, expect GDP gains of about 17.6 % and bilateral trade agreements between these Asia regions are running into trillions of dollars”. 

With expert research and commentary by the professionals at Dezan Shira & Associates, and written by Asia Briefing’s in-house editorial teams, Middle East Briefing™ is set to serve the rising growth in demand by both the firms’ clients and subscribers, and better support the increasing ties between the trade and investment dynamics of the Middle East and the rest of Asia.

Middle East Briefing will focus on the practical need for trade and foreign investment information and news, and on providing the knowledge essential for businesses to seize the ample trade and foreign investment opportunities that exist for businesses throughout these regions.

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