The Enemy Within: Fraud & Fraud Prevention

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On October 31st, members of our team participated in DUSA Suzhou’s October Roundtable presenting on one of the most sensitive aspects of internal control, with a presentation titled “The Enemy Within: Fraud & Fraud Prevention.”

Managing Fraud From Within Your Organization

Riccardo Benussi, Deputy Regional Manager of our East China offices, and Ivy Gu, our experienced Audit division’s manager, discussed with representatives the risks of fraud coming from within their own organizations. The audience were largely from manufacturing entities from productive Suzhou districts.

Ivy Gu Presenting on Fraud Management at the DUSA Roundtable

Ivy Gu Presenting on Fraud Management at the DUSA Roundtable

While fraud is a well-known issue for foreign investors, may companies underestimate the risks of it coming from within. Especially for companies operating abroad. Cultural differences and language barriers can lead to misunderstandings and lapses in operational protocols.

During the roundtable, Riccardo and Ivy highlighted ways companies can protect themselves and limit their exposure to risk through tasks such as implementing internal controls processes.

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