Emerging Opportunities for UK Businesses in China

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On April 17, at The National Liberal Club, London, our head of UK and Ireland Desk, Maria Kotova, presented on the topic of ‘Emerging China Opportunities for UK Businesses’, shining a spotlight on China’s changing investment environment and potential investment opportunities for UK SMEs in China.

The event was organized by East Meets West Club, a London based private networking club, which brings together high-profile professionals including CEOs, entrepreneurs, company directors, and senior managers from leading blue-chip corporations and private enterprises.

Maria Kotova Reviews China’s New Investment Laws

Maria Kotova on Opportunities for UK Businesses in China

Maria Kotova on Opportunities for UK Businesses in China

During the event, Maria discussed the new foreign investment law in China and explained its implications for UK businesses. She also analyzed the changes in encouraged/ restricted industries with snapshots on key industries for 2019. These industry snapshots provided a bird’s eye view to foreign investors planning to enter the Chinese market.

As the presentation progressed, Maria took a look at the impact of the new e-commerce law in China and used market entry case studies to give a practical understanding on doing business in China.

With a host of booming industries, China has become a land of unprecedented opportunities. However, these opportunities are often accompanied by certain challenges. Maria concluded her presentation by sharing insights on potential challenges and key opportunities for UK SMEs planning to do business in China.

Maria Presents to Room of UK & Ireland SME Professionals

Maria Presents to Room of UK & Ireland SME Professionals

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