Alberto Vettoretti Presents at Business Confidence Survey 2019 Launch

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The European Union Chamber of Commerce in China’s Business Confidence Survey 2019 was successfully launched on June 5, 2019, in Shenzhen. The survey reviews key challenges and growing opportunities of doing business in South China.

Alberto discussing the key challenges for investors in South China at the Business Confidence Survey 2019

Alberto moderates panel discussion on key challenges for investors in South China at the Business Confidence Survey 2019

This year’s Business Confidence Survey contrasts China’s lagging regulatory reform and remnants of its former economic model with the increasingly firm commitment European companies have towards the mature and vibrant Chinese market.

Investment Opportunities for EU Companies in China

An engaging panel discussion moderated by Alberto Vettoretti, Managing Partner at Dezan Shira & Associates, followed the survey presentation.

Alberto said, “In spite of dropping optimism over the future business environment, increasing competition by local innovative players, and an ever lacking even playing field, European companies are still fully engaged and making money in China.

While economic performance varies substantially amongst industries, with medical, pharmaceutical, high tech and new materials still doing relatively well, weak local and international markets, labor cost increase, and trade war are indicated as the critical factors affecting European companies in the Chinese market.

Investment from the EU in China totaled 6.8 billion USD in 2018. Although the number might be higher due to round-tripping via Hong Kong, European investors are still a minnow in the over 142 billion USD of Foreign Direct Investment which China attracted last year.

Hopefully, the comprehensive agreement between China and the EU, due to be signed as early as next year, will pave the way for a larger number of EU companies investing or doing business in the Middle Kingdom.”

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