Alberto Vettoretti Attends IRGlobal Conference and GMC Master

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On the 1st and 2nd February 2019, our Managing Partner, Alberto Vettoretti, attended the IRGlobal Dealmakers Conference in Rome, Italy.

Dealmakers is a signature conference by one of the world’s largest legal and professional networks, IRGlobal. At the conference many investment and M&A opportunities were discussed, connecting firms with buy or sell-side mandates from across the globe.

IRGlobal Dealmakers Conference

Investment and M&A Discussions at IRGlobal Dealmakers Conference

Global Management for China (GMC) Master

On February 4, Mr. Vettoretti went on to deliver the Tax, Accounting and Audit module at the Master of Global Management for China (GMC).

GMC is an annual Master organized by four of the main Italian universities. The GMC is dedicated to research and teaching on China languages, cultural and economic matters.

For more information about this event, please click here.

Mr. Vettoretti is a lecturer and sits on the experts committee of Master – Global Management for China (GMC). He specializes in corporate structuring, tax planning and legal and management issues affecting foreign-invested enterprises in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam and sits on the board of various multinational corporations doing business in these countries. For more information about Mr. Vettoretti, please click here.

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