Dezan Shira & Associates Partners with EU Chamber Nanjing on HR Training Series

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In autumn of 2018, Dezan Shira & Associates hosted a series of training sessions for the EU Chamber (Nanjing Chapter) on HR related topics. These sessions particularly focused on HR management for foreign invested companies in second tier cities throughout the Yangtze River Delta.

On September 18, David Niu, Senior Manager of Dezan Shira’s HR team started the training series with discussions on HR audits. During the seminar, David Niu introduced various HR auditing methodology and its importance for the management of foreign invested companies in China.

HR Audits

According to David, HR audits can ensure companies are always in line with existing local employment requirements and can better manage the employer-employee relationship. Proper auditing procedures reduce the risk of potential labor disputes and penalties.

David Niu discusses on HR audits at the seminar

David Niu discusses on HR audits at the seminar

Through frequent HR Audits, companies can pre-empt risk factors in different HR functions and take the necessary steps to mitigate HR related liabilities for the company as a whole, thus improving the competitive advantage of the firm.

China’s Labor Law

On October 16, Dezan Shira’s East China Regional Director, Vivian Mao, presented China’s labor law for manufacturing companies. During the presentation, Vivian first explained the main hiring methods for manufacturing companies in China and how the different remuneration systems apply to different employees.

Vivian introduced the key terms of China work safety law and work injury disposal – a pertinent subject for manufacturing companies.

In her presentation, Vivian also included the ways of managing mass layoffs and labor disputes from a HR and legal perspective.

HR audit training seminar in east China

HR audit training seminar in east China

HR Strategy for Business Growth

On November 15, Ellen Yin, Assistant Manager of the HR team at Dezan Shira, discussed HR strategy with the HRDs in the region. They examined ways to align human resource functions and corporate strategic plans to support the growth of the business.

Ellen used her on-the-ground experience with several firms to present the diverse ways that HR could influence improvement in business operations.

According to Ellen, HR personnel manage the employees’ contribution to the business, while also keeping employee needs in perspective. By setting up a good HR infrastructure, firms can improve the efficiency of employees and thereby boost business output. HRs can also help manage company transformation and changes.

Dezan Shira's HR team discusses HR strategy with the HRDs in Shanghai

Dezan Shira’s HR team discusses HR strategy with the HRDs in Shanghai

All three sessions received positive feedback from attendees. The attention to detail and the thorough explanation of regulations and practical suggestions were well-received.

The European Chamber of Commerce also expressed great appreciation on the speeches delivered to the attendees by David, Vivian and Ellen. More training sessions are scheduled to better serve foreign invested companies in the Yangtze River Delta.

With 26 years of on-the-ground business experience in Asia, Dezan Shira & Associates understands that HR and payroll processing in emerging economies can be challenging due to ever-changing regulations and dynamic local practices. Thus, we have established a reliable team of certified HR and payroll specialists to help foreign invested companies in China transform their HR teams into a true strategic function for their organization.

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