Common Labor Issue in China and How to Avoid Them


Employee rights are extremely important but so too are the rights of companies. All companies, both foreign and domestic, will eventually have labour related issues, whether it's a result of termination of an employee or how to deal with an employee on sick leave or maternity leave. Now, more than ever, items such as the staff/employee handbook play a much more vital role in protecting the company from risk. Being prepared is of vital importance, this begins with an efficient, compliant and effective HR management structure. A properly implemented HR strategy not only reduces the risk of labour disputes in the first place – but also saves valuable time and resources.

In this presentation, Cherry Wu, Maneger of Human Resources at Dezan Shira & Associates' Shenzhen Office, discusses de tisks and compliance strategies companies can take to avoid labour issues. She covers the reasons behind labour disputes, how to better draft employment contracts and design the staff handbook, making correct social insrance payments and provides some termination tips and advice.



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