Dezan Shira & Associates at China HR Tomorrow Summit in Shanghai

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On September 13, 2018, Dezan Shira & Associates attended the ‘China HR Tomorrow’ Summit hosted by the German Industry & Commerce Greater China in Shanghai. Being the only HR summit specifically for German companies in China, this event focused on helping companies better understand and attract China’s large Millennial population into their work force.

China HR Tomorrow Summit in Shanghai

China HR Tomorrow Summit in Shanghai

An opportunity to connect and share

As the media sponsor for the HR summit, Dezan Shira’s associates were able to connect with many of Shanghai’s German-owned companies and learn about their experiences in China. Ellen Yin, Assistant Manager from the HR & Payroll Services team, discussed the new trends in HR management with attendees and answered queries at the Dezan Shira & Associates booth.

The events agenda included a keynote speech by Christian Kuhna, founder of the Adidas Learning Campus, on Artificial Intelligence in HR. This was followed by a panel discussion with the new generation of workers describing their side of the “story,” as well as legal and IT workshops.

This daylong event provided a wonderful opportunity for Dezan Shira to not only network with Shanghai’s German companies and appreciate their strategy for doing business in China, but also for our HR team to gain insights into the requirements of China’s young workforce and evolutions in the workplace.

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