Chris Devonshire-Ellis Shares Experience in Urumqi with Readers

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In the New Silk Road Project’s July 26th post, Dezan Shira & Associates Founder and Chairman, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, shared with readers his recent experience in Xinjiang Provence’s capital city, Urumqi.  The post titled “Urumqi’s Connections with Central Asia” spoke of the city’s melting pot of cultures (Chinese, Russian, Turkish, etc.), with Devonshire-Ellis sharing his personal experiences with the local people there.  Within the article, Devonshire-Ellis lays out a basic background of the fascinating Western city touching upon economic, political, and cultural viewpoints.

The New Silk Road Is Rising

The New Silk Road Project is a first of its kind expedition to stretch the entire length of the Silk Road Economic belt. Starting in London and finishing in Yiwu (Easter China), the team will visit over two dozen infrastructure projects along the way.  The goal of this expedition is to help build a clearer picture of the change that is happening across this region.

Devonshire-Ellis is an advisor to the New Silk Road Project team and provides regular commentary on the political and trade aspects of China’s Belt & Road Initiative as the team continues on their journey.

You can read the full post on the New Silk Project’s website by clicking here.

Further Information

For further information on China’s New Silk Belt & Road, please visit the Silk Road Briefing for articles highlighting the recent changes in the region’s ever evolving business landscape.

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