Chris Devonshire-Ellis Discusses BRI Opportunities with Belt and Road Advisory

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On July 25, Dezan Shira & Associates Founder and Chairman, Chris Devonshire-Ellis, discussed infrastructure opportunities surrounding the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) on a podcast series entitled Voices of the Belt & Road, conducted by Belt and Road Advisory.

Voices of the Belt & Road aims to demystify the BRI by speaking to industry experts and influential policy-makers to hear their thoughts, insights and outlook on the initiative. One of the key voices in this area, Devonshire-Ellis goes further than facts and numbers to provide much needed context and story-telling to add real depth to the discussion.

Key subjects Devonshire-Ellis brings to the table, include: how foreign businesses can assess and take advantage of the BRI; how infrastructural development brings new opportunities to many sectors including tourism and hospitality; and the wider trade impact on the Eurasian community.

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