Speaking event – IPADE Business School

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On February 27th, Dezan Shira & Associates Ho Chi Minh City office Manager Dustin Daugherty presented in front of a delegation of 40 MBA students from the prestigious IPADE Business School located in Mexico.

During this presentation, Dustin enlightened the audience on Vietnam’s economic overview, including competitive wages in the region, numerous Free Trade Agreements globally, as well as Vietnam’s strengths for attracting Foreign Direct Investments thanks to numerous incentives for foreign investors.

Students were eager to learn about the various business opportunities in the country, and left knowing that Vietnam’s growing importance in ASEAN will significantly impact the future of the region.

To access the full slides of the presentation, please visit our Knowledge Sharing Platform.

For further information about investing in Vietnam, please refer to the Vietnam Briefing article FDI Opportunities in Vietnam in 2018, and the Asia Briefing publications Vietnam’s Key Regions and Economic Zones, and Choosing an Effective Entry Model for Vietnam Investments.

For further assistance in doing business in Vietnam, please contact Dustin Daugherty here.