Dezan Shira & Associates Holds ICP Qualification Training for Alibaba Cloud

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Sabrina Zhang, Partner of Dezan Shira holds ICP Qualification Training to AlibabaOn April 5, 2017, Dezan Shira & Associates’ Tax Partner, Sabrina Zhang held a training class for Alibaba’s international sales team at the Alibaba Headquarters in Hangzhou, China. She introduced the fundamentals and technicalities of ICP qualifications for the value-added telecommunications industry and also instructed on the steps needed to obtain an ICP filing, ICP and EDI licenses.

In the modern world, setting up a corporate website is of the utmost importance, and when establishing an entity abroad, foreign investors need to be aware that rules and regulations for doing this differ across different markets and in different jurisdictions. Therefore, ensuring compliance is not always easy.

With IT professionals across China, Dezan Shira offers a range of Information Technology Solutions to the foreign investor, including IT consulting, system management, ERP and cloud-based services. As part of the IT consulting package, Dezan Shira can advise on matters such as software licensing, domain registration and hardware procurement.

For further assistance in doing business in China, please contact Sabrina Zhang.

Sabrina Zhang, partner of Dezan Shira & Associates Holds ICP Qualification Training for Alibaba CloudTo get access to thousands of multimedia resources on doing business in China, please check our Knowledge Sharing Platform .

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