Dezan Shira & Associates’ India Country Manager Visits United States

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Rohit Kapur, Country Manager – India, Dezan Shira & Associates, visited the United States of America in the month of September ’16 for the Leading Edge Alliance Conference held in Houston. In addition to attending the conference, he also held a session on “Brexit Impact on India” at an event organized by Swenson Advisors in San Diego and met with Dezan Shira & Associates’ clients and partners in New York, Carmel, Dallas, and Los Angeles. Rohit made presentations to them on how Dezan Shira & Associates could facilitate their organization with respect to meeting all regulatory compliances and also offered Accounting, Human Resources, and Payroll services. Dezan Shira Country Manager Rohit Kapur visits the US on September 2016

Rohit was posed with a plethora of questions around India, its demography, business environment, government and bureaucracy. The general impression among American investors and entrepreneurs is that operating in India means dealing with bureaucratic delays and corruption. In his presentations, Rohit explained that if all the paperwork is in order and the timelines are realistic, investors shouldn’t worry on either count. Rohit provided examples from his personal experience to demonstrate how business can be done in India without getting entangled in red tape. He also put a very basic yet useful point across; most professional firms skip the details when explaining to clients as to how forms need to be filled or documents handled. Consequently, things often need to be done repeatedly, and this frustrates clients, creating a bad impression about the country.

Overall, Rohit’s tour of the US proved to be productive with respect to initiating new relationships, touching base with the existing client base, and last but not least, breaking stereotypes about India.

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Rohit Kapur is the India Country Manager for Dezan Shira & Associates, based in the New Delhi Office. A Chartered Accountant by qualification, Rohit has through his career spanning over 30 years, worked in Multinational Engineering companies in various capacities and positions of responsibility. Rohit brings to Dezan Shira & Associates a diverse and rich experience in starting up and managing companies. He has also acquired experience in restructuring and turning around companies to align them with changing and evolving economic and market conditions.