Dezan Shira & Associates Alumni

Jerome Van Huigenbos


Jerome joined DSA in North East China in early 2012. After working in both the Dalian and Qingdao offices, he relocated to Guangzhou where he helped oversee business development initiatives in the Pearl River Delta.

After a 2-year stint operating his own business in the outdoor advertising sector back home in Western Canada, and a successful exit, Jerome returned to DSA in Dalian to renew his endeavors in Asia. Working with a team of professional accountants, legal professionals and payroll administrators, Jerome facilitates the offering of these services to international clients operating in DSA markets across Asia.

Jerome received a multidisciplinary degree after broad-based and mainly self-directed studies at the University of Calgary, National University of Cordoba (Argentina), NTNU (Taiwan), and Far Eastern National University (Russia). 


Additional Info

  • Office

    Dalian Office
  • Languages

    Chinese, Mandarin, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish