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Vietnam – The Next Destination for Your Investment in Asia 越南,您亚洲投资的下一站(双语)



In this webinar, co-hosted by Dezan Shira & Associates and Zhonglun W&D Law Firm, we discuss Vietnam as a favorable investment desitation. 

Vietnam’s GDP has been growing at an impressive rate over the last decade, positioning the country as one of the fastest developing economies in the world. With loosen travel restrictions and comparably lower average wages, it is getting more and more attention as a natural substitute country for China.

To help investors better understand the Vietnamese business environment and capitalize on the emerging opportunities in the country, Akemi Xie, Partner of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm will introduce Vietnam on a macro scale and explain what industries are encouraged in the country.

Filippo Bortoletti, Director of Vietnam at Dezan Shira & Associates will talk about the common entry methods and key compliance requirements for FIEs in Vietnam and explain HR strategy for business operations.

This is a bilingual (in Chinese and English) webinar co-hosted by Dezan Shira & Associates and Zhonglun W&D Law Firm. 本讲座为双语(中英文)讲座并由协力管理咨询与中伦文德律师事务所共同举办。

Key discussion topics explaning why business invest in Vietnam

  • General introduction of Vietnam;

  • Investment and business environment and opportunities in Vietnam;

  • Encouraged industries and businesses in Vietnam;

  • Common entry methods

  • Key compliance requirements for FIEs in Vietnam: accounting and tax compliance

  • Implementing an appropriate HR strategy: how to attract and retain talents

  • Vietnam’s industrial parks

  • What are the costs for purchasing the land and building the plant in Vietnam?

  • Contract drafting in Vietnam

  • Application of export origin certificate in Vietnam

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